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11 Telling Signs That Your Cat Is More Than Just A Pet

Sometimes, the bond between a feline-lover and their pet grows beyond the pet and pet owner relationship. In such cases, the cat no more an ordinary pet, but a part of the family. This can be evident in so many ways, including your cat’s consistent gazes on you, with those beautiful curious eyes.
Below are 11 telling signs that your kitten is now a baby and not ‘just’ a pet.

1. She loves her first toy, and you cannot but admire her when she plays with the nice stuffie.

2. You want more of that cuteness, so you buy her more toys to play with.

Now, your cat’s toy collection is now so huge – with more toys than most kids can claim. Despite the large numbers, she still manages to maximize them, or so you think. So you decided to go a step further by…

3. Allowing her to use your kids’ toys

Now, your cat prefers your son’s toys to the catnip. Some sort of advancement, right?

4. You want to give him the warmest and coziest place to sleep in, so you start tucking him in every night.

While at it, you add some spice by cuddling him. After all, there is nothing bad in making your little green-eyed baby comfy.

5. He has gotten so used to being cuddly that he jumps into your bed. Yet, you allow him in and even tuck him in. Now, he keeps coming back.

It is not strange to find it uncomfortable at first; you definitely don’t want him clawing your feet while sleeping. But you got used to it or you couldn’t resist the feeling of the warm, fluffy cuddling session.

6. Yes, your little baby loves beds and blankets, so why not try to cat nap her in her own crib?

After all, babies also enjoy the same privilege, right?

7. Now that she has a personal crib, you should complete it with his set of PJ’s, right?

So, you decided to get her a very beautiful pair, and she is happy!

8. You took the companionship to a whole new level by going on long strolls together, usually in a comfortable carriage.

Just like a baby, your feline baby is always comfortable, relaxed, and happy in the carriage space.

9. What about traveling? The fix is simple – a car seat! Now you can go on all road trips together.

Considering how the trips can be, you got some extra diapers on every journey. She should be safe and comfortable, right?

10. Now, you keep gazing at her like she is your baby...

“What a sweet, adorable, and submissive kid!”

11. Your cat is now a part of your family, and you can’t just think of a life without your newest kid.

Isn’t that wonderful? Of course it is!

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2 thoughts on “11 Telling Signs That Your Cat Is More Than Just A Pet

  1. avatar Muriel Smee says:

    I have 5 cats. Oldest 20 years youngest 4. They are my family and they all love getting into my Very, they love rubbing their heads against mine in a loving way.I have had them all since kittens. There is Lovehearts 20 years old, Apache 16 years old, Frostie 8 years old, Peggy 5 years old and Smudge 10 months old. They are all loved so much.

  2. avatar shirley hunt says:

    love this and it;s sooo true.

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