Most cat owners groom their cats mainly for aesthetic purposes. However, many cat owners underrate just how crucial proper grooming is. Grooming is a fundamental part of a cat’s overall well-being and health, and most cats will generally be affected by a lack of it.

The amount of grooming that a cat will require is very dependent on their type of coat. However, it is important to emphasise that grooming is important for all types of cats. Regardless of how you choose to handle the grooming process – either by yourself or by a feline. Below are some important cat grooming tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Prevent Ticks & Fleas

One of the most important reasons why bathing your cat is necessary is to prevent them from being infested with ticks and fleas. Although, sometimes bathing your cat by itself may not be enough to completely rid them of stubborn fleas and ticks, however, bathing is a very effective process to help you spot and kill them. The moment you realise your cat is infested by pests, you can take further action to get rid of them.


Cat Fleas and Tick

  1. Eliminate Discomfort

Cats enjoy the comfort that grooming can provide. For example, most cats love the feeling of being brushed. With the correct brush, your cat will enjoy the feeling as the brush runs through their coat while you remove dead hair, stimulate the growth of new ones and help bring your cat's natural oil closer to her skin. Also, brushing long coats can help prevent matting. In the event that your cat frequently matts, eliminating them will bring great comfort to your kitty.

cat discomfort

Matting can bring discomforts to cats as they can be painful, pull on the skin and often the culprit of major sores. Also, getting rid of debris and dirt from your cat’s coat will also make them feel better, preventing future chances of matting and help their coat and skin grow properly.

If you’re looking for a great brush for your cat, then the Grooming Massage Magic Glove is just what your kitty’s fur needs to avert matting. The Glove makes grooming as easy as petting your kitty.

  1. Protect The Feet

Nail trimming is often ignored by most people during general cat care. Apart from being distasteful to look at, long nails can also be both uncomfortable and unhealthy for your cats too. While feral and wild cats can wear their nails from time to time, domestic cats often require help with theirs as they tend to use it less often. Overgrown nails can also be a source of great discomfort and pains for cats. Nail trimming should be high up on your list with regards to grooming your cat.

cat feet

  1. Be on The Look for Any Anomalies While Grooming Your Cat

One of the apparent merits of cat grooming is that you get to become more familiar with the body of your cat and you can tell when something unusual such as an underlying bump or scar appears on your cat’s skin. Detecting any disease on time is important and regular grooming of your cat can afford you the opportunity to spot any abnormalities on your cat’s skin as soon as they appear.