Cats are loving creatures, although they are not at the same level as dogs. Yes, do not expect your cat to run up to you in excitement when you return from work – only dogs do that much. Instead, they may come around and rub against you – that’s their way of telling you they love you and are happy to see you.

Read on to learn about other ways your cats show they love their owners.

Give You Little Love Bites

  1. Random little love bites.

Ever got that little nibble from your furry friend when petting them? We tend to interpret the nibbling as a call to stop, but they are not. That is your cat telling you they love you. Those love bites are a nudge to continue the petting.

Knead with Their Paws on You

  1. Kneading while keeping their paws on you.

Sometimes, your cat may use their front paws to push forward on you. It is usually a few pushes with their left and then another few with their left. They are not random pushes – it is called kneading. Kneading is not exactly enjoyable, but it is your kitty’s way of showing love. Kneading starts when cats are kittens – they enjoy the motion because it gives them the feeling of contentment and affection.

Intently Stare at You

  1. Starring at you with maximum concentration.

While you are lost in an activity, your cat may also be lost in an intent stare at you. This can be awkward at first, but it’s just your cat conveying their affection for you. If you pay more attention, you will notice your kitty slowly blinking at you. You can replicate this loving gesture by slowly blinking back. Doing that shows you also love your cat.

Meow and Purr Around You

  1. Continuous meowing and purring in your presence.

Cats can be talkative, but the level varies. If yours is a cat that meows more when you are around, that’s a message they are passing. Meowing may mean they want food, are angry, or just trying to tell you they love you. The same interpretation applies to purring. A cat that purrs more when they are with you is simply in love with you.

Always Around You, But More So When You’re Sick

  1. Never leaves your sight.

We tend to read no extra meaning to cats not leaving our sight. Maybe that is normal, but what about when you are sick? If your cat still sticks around when you are indisposed, that’s them showing care and affection. Cats tend to stay with people they care about. They know when you are not feeling well or not at your best, so their presence is to comfort you.

Licking Often Means Kisses

  1. Licking is kissing.

A cat’s tongue is not for only tasting – it does more. Sometimes, when a cat licks you, it may be an attempt to get you to notice them. They probably want some attention. Other times, they can lick to clean you - a deliberate action they do to people they love. A kitty that licks you is calm around you and ultimately feels strongly for you.

Head Bunt You 

  1. Giving you head bunts.

Your cat head-bunting you straightforward means they love you. That continuous rub of their head against you is to show you how affectionate they are towards you. The more they rub, the more of their scent they mark you with. That is some territory marking strategy.


We have discussed seven different obvious ways your furry friends show they love you. Other less-obvious ways worthy of mention include curling their tail when they are around you or wrapping their tail around you. Either or both of these actions show you are their favorite person. Let’s not forget to mention how they may caress you with their paws, as well as the intentional cheek rubs.

Most of these tricks are to mark you with their scent, to tell everyone that cares to know you are theirs and they are yours. Whenever you see these signs, be sure to reciprocate. Your cat deserves to know you love them too.