Where you keep your cat’s litter box determines, to a large extent, whether or not your cat will use it. While some cats do not care about its location, others will only use it if placed at certain places. Below are the right and wrong places to have your litter box in your home:
The wrong spots

1. A spot that is too private

Cats will naturally feel unsafe to use a litter box that is kept at a spot with too much privacy. So, your cat may end up not using the box if you keep it around corners, behind couches, or in small closets and rooms. They prefer a place with less blind spots, when it comes to using a litter box.

2. A spot that is difficult to access

Keeping a litter box in a spot that is too far from where your cat stays can be discouraging for them. For example, you shouldn’t place your box in the basement while your cat is on the top floor. Your cat will be deterred to go that far for just the litter box. Instead, place it in places where your cat can easily locate, even when in a hurry. If possible, keep a box on every level of your home.

3. A spot with proximity to water, food, and other litter boxes

Keeping all your litter boxes close to each other will make your cat to develop a preference for just one, perhaps the giant one. While this arrangement may make cleaning easy for you, it doesn’t help your cat in anyway. Also, keeping the litter box close to your cat’s food will deter them from eating. Cats can smell stinks, and will not want it close to their drinks and foods.

4. A spot close to an appliance

Do not place the box close to an appliance, especially the washer and dryer. While this may unsettle your cat, the heat released by the dryer or a furnace can make the litter box really smelly, and this is unhealthy.

The right spots

1. Spots with good visibility and less traffic

These include a free corner of any large room. Ensure that the place is quiet and clean, without any appliance, food, or water close.

2. Several different spots

The best is to have litter boxes at different locations that are easily accessible for your cat. This ensures that they don’t eliminate in the wrong spot, and you can discover your cat’s favorite type of litter box. While at it, do not be in a hurry to change spots.
Finally, your cat not using their litter box may be due to a health problem. If you find that your cat is eliminating elsewhere, consult the vet immediately. If your cat is certified fit and healthy, then you can proceed to experiment with the points listed above.