Can I keep my cat entertained indoor?

Yes, you can. While cats are naturally wired to seek fun in outdoor activities like running after squirrels, exploring the grass, and getting on trees, you are better off keeping them indoors. When your cat is not outdoors, you are saving them from the risks of car accidents, attacks by coyotes in the neighborhood, and other health issues.

Making your cats stay indoors is half the job; the other half is making them happy while indoor. There are many ways to achieve this, but it all boils down to re-creating their natural hunting and exploring scenarios indoors. Indoor cats will want an environment with multiple activities to stay contented. Without this in place, they may become disgruntled and aggressive. This is why you see some indoor cats scratch furniture, soil rugs, or howl continuously for attention. If this continues, your cat may be depressed and listless.

The best way to avoid this is to put them in an environment that makes them safe, happy, occupied and entertained. Here are ways you can set up such an environment:

  1. Buy more toys and create plenty of playtime.

Cats need the same level of love and attention as dogs. Start by setting aside some moments to play with your cat. This may be a 5-10 minutes playtime twice a day. If you are thinking about the toys to buy, get feather teasers and fishing rod toys. You may also include some little foil balls, which they use to play fetch. Do not forget the movable, fun catnip-filled toys. Your playtime should include games like hiding treats for them to sniff them out, creating a near-natural hunting experience.