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Handheld Pet Hair Roller


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If you have a few pets living with you in the house then you know how much fur can build up on your couch, bed, and everywhere else your pet goes.


Well with our Handheld Pet Hair Roller you can kiss those days goodbye and wipe away all fur on all your furniture like nothing.


Unlike most pet hair removers this one comes with a wide roller than you can use like your painting your homes interior walls. It’s easy to use and very effective!



  • Roll out lent/pet hair remover with an ergonomic handle
  • Dual-layered to remove twice the amount of pet hair than traditional ones
  • Compart in the back holds the pet hair and can be opened easily
  • No need to buy adhesive tape continuously as this one you can use forever


Keep your furniture clean from all pet hair with our Handheld Pet Hair Roller and order yours online today!